Behind the scenes


Why this project?

The aim of this project is to fully understand the current capabilities of amp-script, and how the framework could be used (or abused, depending how you see it) using various tactics.

With recent development around AMP and amp-script, the logical next step was to see how far they can be pushed without breaking; and when they do break, what various work-arounds could be successful.

Person behind the screen

This project has been createdby Kevin Ellen, Global Director of Web Experience at Croud. Say hello to him on Twitter (@Kevin_Ellen_) or Slack (AMPhtml).

Technology used

  • Cloudflare
    • Cloudflare Workers
    • Wrangler
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AMP
    • amp-bind
    • amp-script
    • amp-analytics
    • amp-install-serviceworker


This project uses royalty free assets, such as images and fonts. However, we wanted to give credit where credit is due.

List of acknowledgments