What we are trying to achieve

Project goals

What success looks like

When we started this project, our hypothesis was: "We can utilise the amp-script component to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) which allows a Single Page Application (SPA) feeling, while the search engines can continue to crawl.". While there are various frameworks out there that support server-side rendering based on the user-agent string, we wanted to recreate a feeling that is often provided by the ReactJS framework.

The rules

Based on our hypothesis, we have established some rules that we must adhere to in order for this project to be deemed successful. These rules are:

  1. The website must be crawlable for software such as Screaming Frog
  2. The website must not load the whole page on navigation
  3. The website must function without JavaScript
  4. The website must feature at two least levels (category, page)
  5. Every page must be AMP valid
  6. The website must feature at least one carousel and one accordion
  7. No existing framework can be used (with the exception of assets such as fonts, images and icons)